Song of the Day | “Low Sun” by Hermanos Gutiérrez

The Swiss-Ecuadorian guitar brothers, Hermanos Gutiérrez, new album is out now on Easy Eye Sound | Courtesy of the artist

The instrumental music of Swiss-Ecuadorian siblings Hermanos Gutiérrez can sound tailor made for a listening culture that exalts vibes over all else. However, much like Khruangbin – perhaps the most exalted purveyors of vibes – the brothers’ intricate guitar work is best enjoyed as an intentional listening experience, rather than a passive one.

On “Low Sun,” the lead single from the duo’s latest full length, Sonido Cosmico, (produced by the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach and out now on Easy Eye Sound), the brothers deploy their neatly woven guitar playing over watercolor smears of ambient synths. The brothers’ is a cosmic-yet-earthbound, and enchantingly eerie sound.

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