Song of the Day | “Humble Me” by Killer Mike

Killer Mike addresses his post-Grammys arrest on new single, "Humble Me" | Andrew Clifton, Courtesy of the artist (cropped)

On February 4, after picking up three Grammy Awards, Atlanta rapper Killer Mike found himself handcuffed and arrested. He was in the studio the next day and celebrating the news that his son would finally receive a kidney transplant after three years of waiting.

The dynamic peaks and valleys of those 48-or-so hours animate “Humble Me,” Killer Mike’s first single since his 2023 opus, Michael. Opening with a sample of Muhammad Ali giving a speech about humility, “Humble Me” uses bass-heavy keyboard stabs to create a training-montage-esque atmosphere, as Mike works himself into shape addressing the arrest and referencing the Biblical story of Daniel in the lion’s den.

Killer Mike is currently on tour in North America and will head to Europe in mid August. Details on the new record are said to be forthcoming.

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