Jacksonville Garage Rockers Seagate Chew on Rabid Punk Rock on Snarling New Single “Dog Bite”

Jacksonville (Beaches)-based garage-rock quartet Seagate's latest effort is the five-song 'Wannabe Rock N' Roll' | Photo courtesy of Bandcamp

A toothy track from their new five-song release, Wannabe Rock N’ Roll, the tune “Dog Bite” by beaches-based rockers Seagate is a three-minute garage-rock grinder with just enough echo and fuzz guitar to nudge it into psychedelic shimmer.

A grinding, lockstep riff of barre chords and minimalist drum wallop is stabbed and goaded by some sizzling guitar, as vocalist-guitarist Sam Baglino’s lyrics bob in and out of deep waves of reverb to the point of being at-times unintelligible; but the discontent is clear as a bell. The lead-guitar swirls over the rhythm section’s blunt attack. Engineer Lee Kuhn’s mix refrains from wrapping “Dog Bite” in retro kitsch and there’s an overall murk to the production that is effective in a claustrophiliac regard.

Seagate also just released the single “Circle 9,” a doomy tune that plays like a ’77-style KBD song. Just three years ago, the band released the song “Only You,” a surf-doo-wop ballad that is a far cry from the endearing derangement of “Dog Bite.” So while the band seems to be figuring out their creative intention in real time, the audience gets to kick back and enjoy the impressive shrapnel blasting forward.

Wannabe Rock N’ Roll is available on all streaming platforms. Stream “Dog Bite” on your preferred platform here and follow Seagate on Instagram here

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