Caged Affair

w/ Shehehe and Chalk Tiger

Caged Affair’s neo-grunge-punk hybrid sound has drawn comparisons to Royal Blood and Queens of the Age. With six new releases since mid-2023 and a new six-song EP called “Grass Fed”, the band has gained notice across the US and abroad for the contrast of their grungy guitar riffs, melodic vocals and punkish energy. ” The contrast between the lyrics and the music is, in fact, an incredible choice that highlights the versatility and originality of Caged Affair. Punkish energy permeates every chord, creating an authentic vibe that stands out in the music scene.” – Pop Goes Punk

Shehehe is an Athens GA based punk band known for Snarly call and response male/female punk vocals, occasional soft, sweet harmonies, and a scream or two, paired with thumpy, pounding, aggressive, hypnotic rhythms which have been inspiring and cultivating a genuinely honest, nostalgic, yet unique rock & roll scene.”

Chalk Tiger is an up-and-coming JAX punk band consisting of Bryce Powell on guitar/vocals, Ryan Cobb on bass/vocals and Blake Powell on drums.  The band has recently released a new album “High Charity”.

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Saturday, May 25, 2024
8:00 PM


Kona Skatepark
8739 Kona Ave
Jacksonville, FL

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