Watch | Official trailer for Peter Jackson’s Beatles doc ‘Get Back’

Credit: Courtesy of Disney+

Already the stuff of mythologized rock n’ roll lore, the recording sessions for The Beatles final album Let It Be (and the subsequent rooftop concert) took on even greater mystique when rumors spread that director Peter Jackson (he of Lord-Of-The-Rings fame) became attached to a related project. Jackson, it was said, was busy rifling through an enormous cache of archival footage––more than 55 hours worth of raw video originally captured by filmmaker Michael Lindsey-Hogg for the 1970 film Let It Beand another 145 hours of audio stemming from those original sessions.

By early 2021, the project had a title, The Beatles: Get Back, as well as a sneak peek video introduced by Jackson himself. Now Get Back has an official trailer and a release date: November 25.

The nearly four-minute trailer shows some strikingly high-definition footage of the Fab Four laughing and cracking jokes, hammering out new tunes, smoking a lot of cigarettes and, of course, bickering (the three-week session was notoriously contentious; at one point George Harrison quit altogether).

The two remaining Beatles, as well as a who’s who of celebratory guests recently screened the movie at McCartney’s New York home, according to a recent profile of “the cute one” in the New Yorker. Ringo Starr, who was in attendance, was quoted as saying that the group was “laughing and arguing” during those now famous Let It Be sessions. In making Get Back Jackson and co., according to Ringo “…put some joy in!”

The three-part documentary film arrives on November 25 and will stream on Disney+ .

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