Listen | A warm mix of Electro Lounge chill

A new mix of ultra-chill cuts from Frou Frou, Bonobo, Nicola Conte, Sia, Curtis Harding, Club Des Belugas and more.

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With a chill in the air, the Electro Lounge is the place to stay warm. Culled from the current rotation on Electro Lounge Radio (89.9 HD4), our latest playlist offers ultra-chill cuts from British electronic-duo Frou Frou, multi-instrumentalist Bonobo, Italian producer Nicola Conte, Australian avant-garde pop artist Sia, slop ‘n’ soul songwriter Curtis Harding and Nu jazz lounge act Club Des Belugas, to name just a few.

The Electro Lounge is open. Come on in and get warm.

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