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Celebrate RSD at these 904 Shops

Record store yesterday and today
Yesterday and Today Records in San Marco | Credit: photo by Cole LoCurto | jaxrecords.com

Record Store Day –- the traditionally once-a-year infusion of vinyl rarities and reissues into independently owned record stores around the country –– is back. On Saturday, April 23, expect to see more than a few long lines in front of your fave music retailer, as well as a few folks proudly toting a stack of fresh vinyl finds.

If you’re thinking “People still buy records?” The answer is yes. A lot of records. So much vinyl that the relatively small number of vinyl manufacturers are having trouble keeping pace. And in Northeast Florida new music retailers continue to pop up at a steady clip, with nearly a half-dozen shops currently operating in and around Jacksonville’s Urban Core.   

With hundreds of reissues, previously unreleased live recordings, unique box sets and eclectic compilations on offer for this year’s RSD drop, it’s a good day to go crate digging. 

Check out the comprehensive list of RSD releases here. And dig into our list of independent Northeast Florida record stores below. (Note: not all area record stores participate in the official Record Store Day, but all plan to offer discounts on RSD). 

Wolfson Equipment and Records | San Jose | Map | 904-374-6056

Vinyl Wolfson
Wolfson Equipment and Records | San Jose | Map | Credit: Photograph by Cole LoCurto

Tiger Records | Riverside | Map | 904-321-9453

Checkout counter at Tiger Records in Riverside
Tiger Records | Riverside | Map | Credit: Photograph from Tiger Records Instagram

Yesterday and Today | San Marco | Map | 904-525-9878

Yesterday and Today | San Marco | Map | Credit: Photograph by Cole LoCurto

Eraser Records | Murray Hill | Map | 904-683-5185

Eraser Records store in Murray Hill
Eraser Records | Murray Hill | Map | Credit: Photograph courtesy of Eraser Records Instagram

Tonevendor | St. Augustine | Tonevendor | 904-342-7981

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