Local Spotlight | 3 great tracks by Jax artists out now

New music from Lost Club, Cearrow Muri and Freddy Bricks

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Credit: (From left) Cearrow Muri press photo by High Def Digital Photography courtesy of the artist, Lost Club "Beach Fuzz" cover art courtesy of the artist, Freddy Bricks '3AM' cover art courtesy of the artist

We’re always keeping our ear to the ground in order to put the spotlight on the beautiful noise emerging from Northeast Florida. This week, Jacksonville Music Experience contributors share three new songs by local artists that we think you’ll really dig.

Let’s dive in.

“Beach Fuzz” by Lost Club

Jax multi-instrumentalist Nick Garcia (AKA Lost Club) rides high and tight in the pocket of his own unique synthwave on the new instrumental track “Beach Fuzz.” The first single since the release of Lost Club’s debut EP Saudade, “Beach Fuzz” provides a light and breezy soundscape, Garcia’s keys sparkling like the Atlantic Ocean when backlit by harsh late-day sun. It’s a synth-y subtropical trip. To Hell with strumming one’s six-string (on one’s front-porch swing), “Beach Fuzz” is trop rock for the digital age.–Matthew Shaw

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“Made It” by Cearrow Muri (ft. AMP)

On her new full-length, The AlgoRhythm, Jax R&B artist Cearrow Muri offers insight into her journey through this thing called life. And though it appears at the album’s halfway point, the celebratory “Made It,” soundtracks the metaphorical crossing of the finish line. Hip-hop artist and producer AMP lends his victory story and provides the connective tissue for the 4Classix-produced song’s formidable fusion of hip-hop and soul. It’s a conquering composition, offering a lush buffet of compliments to Cearrow’s strong and passionate voice. A song for champions, “Made It” is a great listen –– even if you’re just getting your day started.–Al Pete 

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“Fent Rue Freestyle” by Freddy Bricks

The latest EP (3 AM) from Duval rap artist-producer Freddy Bricks is a solid two-track affair of taut-memoirist lyricism and expert-chill production. “Fent Rue Freestyle” glides along on a hypnotic flute-and-bass motif — not a drum or trap-clack in sight — the only “beat” played out through Bricks’ impressive cadence where he maps out direct admissions (“Now I’m chasing a high / I’ll never achieve”) and imagist allegory (“The hyena never killed the lion”). Freddy Bricks is part of the certain Duval hip-hop movement fueled by self-revealing poetics, ambient soundscapes, toggling R&B/soul signifiers, and blurring lines while revealing a new decidedly local genre that is way past due for international spotlights illuminating the whole wondrous thing.–Daniel A. Brown 

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