Fresh Rotation | 3 new songs we really dig

Buddy shares the “Coolest Things,” Daniel Villarreal and co. are all in and warrior poetry from Yezdin

Press photos of Buddy, Daniel Villarreal and cover art of Yezdin
Credit: (Clockwise from left) Press photo of Buddy by Daniel Regan, press photo of Daniel Villarreal by Ariana Lebedev and cover art of Yezdin from Bandcamp

Each and every week the JME team handpicks the juiciest new tunes from local, regional, national and international artists to add into our tasty, tall-glass-of-a-listening-experience that is our monthly Fresh Squeeze playlist. Each song is chosen with intention. And so we often feel like they are worthy of a broader discussion (or at least a bit of context).

Here are three new songs that the JME team is listening to this week.

“Coolest Things” by Buddy (ft. Ari Lennox)

In the new song “Coolest Things,” hip-hop spitter and occasional crooner Buddy reminds listeners that few situations are as special as the world makes them to be, clearly stating his desire to disappear while chewing on his reticence to do so. Longtime Buddy listeners will agree: we don’t get this temperament from the multi-talented SoCal performer often. And it’s refreshing to hear Buddy tackle self-reflection, especially on a song that sounds good whether you pay attention to the lyrics or not. With wistful strings and marching drum cadence, “Coolest Things” gets a lift from D.C. R&B singer Ari Lennox. It’s an uplifting listen, suitable for the drive home after a heavy day at the office.–Al Pete

“In/On” by Daniel Villarreal

Genre-defying percussionist Daniel Villarreal offers yet another pleasant escape with the new instrumental “In/On,” the latest from the Chicago-based musician’s forthcoming debut Panamá 77 (out May 20 on International Anthem). Well-known in the Chicago scene as an in-demand drummer, Villareal lays a multifaceted foundation over which his co-conspirators –– bassist Anna Butterss and guitarist Jeff Parker –– can improvise. The idea of flipping a switch becomes the motivic inspiration for a lively jam, each player proving that, once turned on, they’re all in.–Matthew Shaw 

“Puščavnik” by Yezdin

So much to gnaw away on, set before us at the contemporary music banquet: Do we sample the new fare or embarrass ourselves once again by drinking the fingerbowl of the passé and deemed-uncool? Truly tasty, the Slovenian group Yezdin are a soupçon of black metal, a dash of psych flavorings, a sprinkle of traditional Central European melodies and an aftertaste of 8-bit video game revivalism. From their latest full-length, Svarunistična Protikultura, the charging ditty “Puščavnik” has just enough familiarity to keep the attention of fans of the aforementioned, distinct genres but insane enough to go way off menu; from a band that describes themselves as “Slavic psychonautical warrior poetry.” Bon Appétit!–Daniel A. Brown

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