Watch | LPT Live on the JME Soundstage

Screengrab of LPT on the JME Soundstage

Our cavernous JME Soundstage felt a little less so a few months back when Jacksonville’s mighty LPT stopped by. The ten-piece salsa orchestra tends to fill up the room. As one of the most sought after live acts in the city, LPT not only commands the stage, they’re also prone to drawing the ire of those who would enforce fire-code-mandated rules on a venue’s max capacity.

Speaking of fire: The group’s new full-length Se Quema El Mundo (The World Is Burning) offers much in the way of dancefloor ready flames. (Listen to our Liner Notes segment with LPT’s singer and chief lyricist Josué Cruz and composer and arranger Angel Garcia to learn more about the record.)

One morning in early the spring of 2022, LPT dropped by WJCT Studios to perform “Se Me Perdio” and “Boya 4” — two cuts from Se Quema El Mundo — and talk with us about the formation of the band. Watch above.

Songs: “Se Me Perdio”, “Boya 4”

Milan Algood – Timbales, Vocals

Dorian Lopez – Bongo & Bell

Josué A. Cruz – Lead Vocals

Stan Piper – Bass

Angel D. Garcia – Keys, Vocals

Juan Carlos Rollan – Tenor Sax, Vocals

Mike Emmert – Baritone Sax

Juan Pablo Salvat – Congas

Bryant Patterson – Trombone

Steve Strawley – Trumpet

Host: Matthew Shaw

Audio Engineer: Cheikh Walker-Williams

Mix/Master: LPT

Cameras: Rich Conner, David Luckin, Andre Wiechman

Editor: Rich Conner

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