Local Spotlight | 3 New Songs by Jax Artists Out Now

Majestic Mother, L.O.V.E. Culture and Lost Club

Majest Mother, Love Culture and Lost Club press phots
Credit (From Left): Majestic Mother courtesy of the artist, L.O.V.E. Culture by Robert Brevdad, Lost Club courtesy of the artist

We’re all about music discovery here at the Jacksonville Music Experience. And as we unearth new tunes from artists around the globe, we love to shine the high beams of our Local Spotlight series on the beautiful noise emerging from Northeast Florida. This week, we’ve got three great new tracks by Jacksonville artists.

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Let’s dig in.

“Playas Ball” by L.O.V.E. Culture

Nearly thirty years ago, on the cusp of their breakout record ATLiens — an album that would foreshadow the promise of a decade of world-beating hits — Outkast dropped the hooky, piano-driven “Player’s Ball.” No doubt, that Atlanta duo did much to decentralize the NYC-LA-centric focus of the hip-hop world, while also turning pop music on its ear in the decades that followed. With their experimental-yet-rootsy soundscapes and esoteric lyricism, Duval hip-hop collective L.O.V.E. Culture exhibits many of the hallmarks of Outkast’s sound. On the new single, “Playas Ball,” the group uses an earthy forest-floor of jazzy brass and a contemporary beat as a foundation for various members to deploy their deft wordplay across unique melodic approaches to shoutout their hometown, their own skills and those of other local creatives (Jax photographers Toni Smailagic and Tenny Rudolph to name just two). It’s another quality track from a group of studied musical chameleons, and potential heirs to the Southern-hip-hop throne.–Matthew Shaw

“On the Run” by Majestic Mother 

The debut single from Majestic Mother is a no-nonsense rocker from what is essentially a supergroup of sorts of locals. Featuring a lineup of Mike Fitzgerald (Darkhorse Saloon) and former 9E members Don Nichol, Brent Knoechel, and Jason Hoey, “On the Run” is a three-minute stomper that threads together primo Jane’s Addiction vocal vibes, speed-fueled Kyuss-style chromatic pummel, and an overall sound that touches on the collected player’s previous musical incarnations, yet adding enough original sonic-chrome to make their inaugural release shine on its own.–Daniel A. Brown

“Apathy” by Lost Club

Another ‘80s-tilting blend of indie rock and power pop, “Apathy” is the latest single from Lost Club, the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Nick Garcia. It’s a buoyant track, with layered, shimmering guitar melodies over electronic drums, Garcia bobbing and weaving through the verses before adding a hooky-as-hell chorus and even flexing on a few effects-heavy guitar solos.–Matthew Shaw

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