‘Dispatches from DaNang’ is the Latest Batch of Beats from Itinerant Jax Artist Batsauce

Batsauce press photo
Itenerant Jax beatmaster Batsauce in Vietnam | Credit: Courtesy of the artist

Britt Traynham, aka Batsauce, is currently living in Hawaii with his wife, Daisey. The couple have spent most of the past 15 years living the itinerant lives of digital nomads, writing and recording their way around the world.

The newest collection of Batsauce beats, Dispatches from DaNang, was inspired by the time he spent in Vietnam. Track 2, “Waking Up in Asia” conjures hazy sunrises, quiet times in quiet places, with a rising pulse that percolates like Vietnam coffee pots. All 16 tracks were produced on site in Vietnam last year.

Dispatches from DaNang is available on all streaming platforms, and hard copies can be had in a  limited edition of special smoke-gray cassettes. Each tape comes with a paper lantern to commemorate Tet, the Vietnamese new year. 

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