Four New Songs by Jacksonville Artists Out Now

Sammy María, Corey Kilgannon, Haxprocess and Limo Scene

Press photo collage of Corey Kilgannon, Haxprocess, Sammy Maria, Limo Scene
(From bottom left): Corey Kilgannon by Jacob Cummings, Haxprocess, Sammy María and Limo Scene press photographs courtesy of the artists

And as we unearth new tunes from artists around the globe, we love to shine the high beams of our Local Spotlight series on the beautiful noise emerging from Northeast Florida. This week, we’ve got four great new tracks by Jacksonville artists.

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Let’s dig in.

“Cocaine Clowns” by Corey Kilgannon 

Since his debut in 2014, Beaches-based singer-songwriter Corey Kilgannon has amassed tens-of-millions of plays on popular music streaming platforms (a modern marker of success) and built a substantial following for his ever-growing catalog earnest indie-folk-style songcraft. In collaboration with LA-based, Central Florida-bred multi-instrumentalist and producer Jacob Cummings, Kilgannon recently debuted Radiant Phaedrus, a new collection of songs that is his most-personal, and inarguably most experimental, offering to date. On the powder-line-length “Cocaine Clowns” Kilgannon channels his inner Prine, offering a smattering of cheeky observations, cutting social commentary (“A cheap aesthetic for half the price, leaves you unspeakably unsatisfied”) and engaging navel gazing over ornamental acoustic noodling and nimble low-end riffage.–Matthew Shaw

“At One With Time” by Haxprocess

Clocking in at just under 11 minutes, “At One With Time” from emerging Duval death-metal contenders Haxprocess might challenge the thrash devotions of the most ardent fans of the unrelenting genre — let alone the curious. Taken from their new debut full-length, The Caverns of Duat, the song is many things: impressive, daunting even for the patient fan of prog/time-shifting death metal, well executed, but most of all admirable for the trio’s efforts to hammer a new template onto contemporary metal. The conceptual structure of “At One With Time” is more akin to extreme ‘70s jazz fusion than pummel-by-numbers metal: verses, choruses and bridges are inconsequential to the song’s ongoing evolution. However, the band’s performance is surely more Morbid Angel than Mahavishnu Orchestra. The tune decays into an outro with a weirdly heralding theme, ending with a brutal 30-second passage. The band’s sole prior release is an 18-minute version of “At One With Time.” Comparing the two available versions is evidence of the band’s inborn experimentation and subsequent development. Solid stuff.–Daniel A. Brown 

“So Cool SORROW” by Sammy María

Jacksonville’s indie-electronic duo Sammy María’s debut single is “So Cool SORROW,” an echoey dance track produced by Brian Squillace of the formerly Jacksonville-based duo LAANDS. Sammy María, meanwhile, is made up of Samuel Colón and Michael Beliles. The duo’s output explores Samuel’s experience as a queer Puerto Rican man. The synths and mixing throughout the song are reminiscent of songs by Disclosure. If you’re a fan of Toro y Moi, Flume, Blood Orange or Metronomy you should definitely give “So Cool SORROW” a listen.–Carissa Marques 

“Camera + Chrome” by LIMO SCENE

The debut single from local synth-assassins LIMO SCENE proudly cruises along with a highly polished sheen of ‘80s vibes on blinding neon rims. From its opening salvo of ice-cold keyboards, drum-machine beat, and disaffected vocals, “Camera + Chrome” has all of the trappings of Members Only-era pop. Whether band members Mason and Paul are operating on a level of Ween-tinged kitsch or a sincere devotion to the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer remains to be seen and heard. The band is gearing up for a February tour and have gigged locally at Jack Rabbits, Rain Dogs and the Walrus. Regardless, both fans of old-school new wave and digital denizens of the current Bandcamp/GarageBand generation might want to take “Camera + Chrome” for a spin.–Daniel A. Brown 

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