With “La La,” Jax Progressive-Soul Duo Bright Purpel has Preemptively Bloomed the Local Song of the Summer

Bright Purpel press photo
Bright Purpel, courtesy of the artist

A strong lead-in track from the equally consistent Colors, the debut album from Duval progressive-soul duo Bright Purpel, “La La” is the summertime jam of 2023; bloomed early in the spring. A three-minute paen to being blindsided by love, a fat-free-and-lean production (including tasty brass and a savvy loop of “La La” that is an electro-percussive force unto itself), and the weaving vocal contrast of Bright Purpel co-creators K.UTIE and Jeremy Ryan gliding through the 21st century R&B-meets-DAW realm.

And if K.UTIE’s effortless, wordless vocal solo doesn’t ignite your chakras, call the coroner. While they surely stand strong in their own affections to the form, Bright Purpel sound like kindred spirits to L.O.V.E Culture; another future-looking band not afraid to color outside the lines of genre and limitations. Jeremy Ryan performs with L.O.V.E Culture and Shaggy at the Jax River Jams festival at the Riverfont Plaza in downtown Jacksonville on April 13. 

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