Artsy Jax Noise Duo golfer two’s ‘bl00db4th6000’ is Four Minutes of Enjoyable Unorthodoxy

golfer two press photo
golfer two, credit: David Luna, courtesy of the artist

Jacksonville experimental outfit golfer two recently released a new album, bl00db4th6000, that assuredly has regional noise acts shaking in their hand-me-down boots. The duo’s unimpeachably-DIY and innovative psychoactive sound has hit the market (see: bandcamp) and unlike the infamous synthetic amphetamine that led to an albeit short-lived trend of face-eating in Miami, golfer two’s album is labeled for human consumption. 

Reminiscent of doom metal groups like Bongripper, down-tuned, dense, distorted guitar drones over a heavy, sludge-synonymous drum pattern. The haunting sound waves of an SP-404 overlay the heaviness, condensing it all into a massive sort of rippling, seemingly sampled from the darkest black hole. The viscous sound of the four-minute bl00db4th6000 is about as unorthodox as McDonald’s’ bubblegum-flavored broccoli, except… I’ve actually sampled golfer two’s album. And it’s actually pretty good.

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