On “lookin’,” Duval’s Broadway Louie Soundtracks the Perennial Search for Connection

Broadway Louie press photo
Broadway Louie's 'lookin'" from the new full-length 'Magick' is fit to be played with windows down | Courtesy of the artist (cropped)

Duval artist Broadway Louie’s new song “lookin’’ foreshadows spring and summer car rides, nightlife explorations and the perennial search for connection; either in the moment, or forever. 

Producer Cheap Limosuine lends the track its enjoyably retro feel, with an active rhythm, that makes it easy for Louie to interject with his melodies. Louie’s lyrics, meanwhile, give “lookin’” a cheerful energy, with no seriousness lost in his mission. Darren Robert, who collaborated on the song’s lyrics, assists with the severity of the word choices. 

On the new full-length, Magick Louie packs in 13 songs that match the energy of “lookin’.’’ It’s an album that’s sure to flourish throughout 2023. Be on the lookout. 

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