On “Hazy,” Gainesville Garage Rockers bed bug guru Share a Dreamy Pummel of Fuzz

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Gainesville-by-way-of-Jacksonville garage rock quartet bed bug guru explore the unhinged form on their new single, "Hazy." | Courtesy of the artist

Any song with fuzz bass guitar is invariably better than a song without fuzz bass. Let’s get that cosmic truth front and center.

The new single from Gainesville-by-way-of-Jax garage rockers bed bug guru features some guttural fuzz bass—heard prominently in the song’s apparent bridge—yet “Hazy” offers up more than just sadistic 30Hz frequency. A dreamy pummel of lock-and-hammer electric guitars, wobbly rhythms and disaffected vocals that sounds “classic” if one’s AOR is The Dandy Warhols and Teenage Fanclub at their most dour, “Hazy” really doesn’t chart any new territory.

No harm, no foul, as the band—vocalist Shane Malone, guitarist Jake Knoechel, bassist Kendall Mason and drummer Cleburne Wilson—have enough knowledge of the underground rock map to lead us into some interesting side trails. The B-side is a digitally slowed-down version of “Hazy,” where the band reduces the composition to seven minutes of sludgy sound nectar that is full-on 1987 Butthole Surfers. Strong game.

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