Australian Singer-Songwriter Angie MacMahon’s “Saturn Returning” is a Savvy Revival of Symphonic Rock for Global Romantics 

Angie McMahon press photo
Australian singer-songwriter Angie McMahon's new single "Saturn Returning" offers up an emotional wallop of guilt-free romanticism | Taylor Ranston, courtesy of the artist (cropped)

The latest from Australian singer-songwriter Angie McMahon is a plaintive ballad that isn’t afraid to dip into the majestic.

Saturn Returning” slowly paces itself with a simple plucked motif that is gradually overtaken by a borderline-bombastic symphonic wall of sound, as McMahon’s voice mirrors itself into a monolithic, over-dubbed chorale. McMahon’s undeniable and versatile skills as a vocalist help elevate “Saturn Returning” from any indistinguishable indie/adult contemporary alternative playlist.

Since her arrival on Australian music scene a decade ago, the Melbourne native has become an award-winning and critical fave in her homeland, ostensibly on the strengths of her songwriting and delivery, which can run the gamut from K.D. Lang crooning to Chrissie Hynde rocker snarl. While she may be a lesser-known quotient in the United States, her 2019 debut Salt and deliberate unpredictability—including her contribution to an all-female tribute album to Tom Waits and a bluesy, languid take on Fleetwood Mac’s “Silver Springs”—garnered McMahon greater international attention.

In the age of influencers and ever-present snark, “Saturn Returning” offers up an emotional wallop of guilt-free romanticism and lavish old-school AOR production.

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