Reissue of “My Black Race” Gives New Life, and Power, to UK Reggae Artist Rupie Dan

Rupie Dan cover art

From the ever-savvy Death Is Not The End label comes this tasty reissue of a 1982 12” single from UK reggae artist Rupie Dan, originally released on his own Flag Records label. “My Black Race” serves up deep tendrils of bass and drums with filigrees of keyboard, melodica and analog synth stabs, as Rupie Dan takes his time in delivering his mellow word-flow in warding off the wicked while paying homage to black pride.

The real party kicks off on the flip side, with “Black Race Dub”: a remix that boils down “My Black Race” into an amazing murk of gated snare hits, cascading vocals, and a melting maze of smoky studio sorcery. Impressive stuff all around.

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