On “The Key to My Door,” Singer-Songwriter Tori Nance Proves She’s the Local Queen of the Breakup Song

Tori Nance press photo
Self-professed queen of the breakup song, Northeast Florida singer-songwriter Tori Nance's latest is "The Key to My Door" | Courtesy of the artist's Facebook

The latest from Northeast Florida singer-songwriter Tori Nance aligns with her self-professed title of “the Queen of Breakup Songs.”

Leaning into an indie-adult-album-alternative sound, “The Key to My Door” is an acrimonious anthem that is a minor-key delight for codependency and flat-out lovelorn listeners. Over the course of the song’s three and a half minutes, Nance doesn’t roll too far outside the wheelhouse of jangly-downer music: strumming acoustic guitar, piano and minimal bass-and-drum rhythm with Nance’s lyrics that vacillate between accusatory and self-condemnation.

“I don’t know how to set a boundary / I don’t want you to be without me,” sings Nance, with a sincerely defeated delivery. Known primarily as a one-person/looper-style performer, Nance has now fleshed out her live shows with a band, and has appeared on local television and is a regular presence in the local indie club scene. If well-crafted and poetically somber music is your target sound, Tori Nance and “The Key to My Door” surely hits a bullseye. 

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