Georgia’s Pop Blossoms on Her Third Album, ‘Euphoric’

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The follow-up to Georgia’s Mercury Prize-shortlisted 2020 album is her biggest yet | Will Spooner, courtesy of the artist (cropped)

Amid an especially hot and heavy summer, who among us doesn’t long for an oasis? Enter London-born pop singer-songwriter and producer Georgia, who recently released her third album on Domino Records — from its title and its technicolor artwork to its bright 10 tracks and breezy 36 minutes, Euphoric offers just such an escape from the heat and the humdrum.

The artist born Georgia Barnes co-produced her new record alongside Rostam, the former Vampire Weekend member-turned-solo artist and sought-after producer for the likes of Haim, Clairo and Carly Rae Jepsen. It’s Georgia’s first time working with an outside producer on her own material — this nearly a decade after the release of her 2015 self-titled debut album — and Rostam’s ear for polished, yet personal pop music is a natural fit for the rising star’s sound. The follow-up to Georgia’s Mercury Prize-shortlisted 2020 album Seeking Thrills is her biggest yet, with the dynamism and enchanting melodies to stir even those in the cheap seats.

The overall impression one gets from Euphoric is of an artist stepping over a threshold and embracing the excitement to be found outside their comfort zone. Georgia is mostly content to let the music speak for itself, saying little in press materials except that she “wanted an adventure! Being a self-produced musician, it’s easy to get stuck on one thing or in one place,” and saw the record as a surrender “to my issues, to my past, to my flaws and to the healing process.” As a listener, it’s easy to share that feeling of being swept up by something larger than yourself — that urge to move your body that you’d rob of its power if you tried to explain it.

Just take opener and lead single “It’s Euphoric,” the first track Georgia and Rostam wrote together, which heavily influenced the rest of the record’s direction. Over a grounding, deliberate bass line and shuffling percussion, Georgia sings haltingly, “I wasn’t sayin’ much / Was on the tip of my tongue,” before more confidently resolving, “You don’t have to say nothing / When you start to feel something (something).” Her layered call-and-response vocals in the chorus are made to reflect her inner exultation — you believe her as she repeats, “It’s euphoric,” and feel as if she’s not only savoring this bliss for herself, but also offering it up to you.

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