Local Indie Troubadour Kithera Shines a Light on the Shadows

Jacksonville troubadour Kithera's latest is a morose, lo-fi ballad | Courtesy of the artist (cropped)

Contrary to the sparkle-and-shine of current Logic/Pro Tools recording-gloss readily available for independent bedroom artists, local singer-songwriter Kithera opts for a low(er)-fi production, to great effect, on “The sun could explode tomorrow and I’d still be asleep.”

A two-chord ballad that’s just on the side of being in tune, the four-minutes of “The sun” sits squarely in the covenant of disconsolate troubadours, singing about the certain gyps more than the arbitrary joys of being, with lyrics like “My eyes will hate me / if I wake up tomorrow” that will plummet even the heartiest of oxytocin levels. There’s an effective economy to the song: a tentative flute, a few percussive clacks on face of an acoustic guitar.

Ostensibly a song of unrequited or, even worse, denied love, Kithera and the remaining Of Kith and Kin EP will arguably bend the ears of fans of Lou Barlow’s earlier acoustic work. All in all, Kithera is a good example that even though music is a big table, sometimes you have to bring your own chair and just create your own place.

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