Aussie Alt-Rockers Middle Kids Share New Single, the Melodious Crackler, “Dramamine”

Middle Kids press photo, leaning on a road embankment
Australian trio Middle Kids return with a new single, the jangly, melodious crackler, "Dramamine" | Courtesy of the artist (cropped)

Too electrified to be fully twee, too melodious for mere jagged guitar-rock, Australian alt-rockers Middle Kids work the middle path and serve up an above-par crackler with their latest single, “Dramamine.”

A heads-up from their forthcoming third album, Faith Crisis Pt 1, the three-minute upbeat “Dramamine” fires up with an Afropop-leaning guitar figure but then takes a nice bite out of love—even self-love, that plays sweet but not saccharine. When guitarist-vocalist Hannah Joy sings that, “I wanna be / I wanna be your Mary Magdalene / we’ll show up to the execution in a beat up limousine,” she lets us know she’s a co-martyr in a relationship that she’s either accepting or resigning herself to even fall into.

When you are dealing with love, you are dealing with eternity, however nauseating or satiating that might be to stomach.

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