On “Boseman,” Duval Emcee Rab G Shakes the Tables 

Rab G press photo
Duval rapper Rab G is back with a new single, "Boseman" | Courtesy of the artist (cropped)

Many people claim that hip hop is a sport. And while contention and conflict, feuds and battles, are part of it, hip hop is an all-encompassing lifestyle where art meets life through pain and pleasure, struggle and triumph, and, yes, competition and boasting gestures that have the ability to shake the tables. 

Local emcee Rab G brings some heavy king talk on “Boseman,” a new single dropped in late September in which the rapper leaves no questions about who is truly regal in the Duval-hip-hop streets. In addition to causing emcees to hold their plates, the song has set Duval Twitter ablaze

Metaphorically, this isn’t Rab G’s first win at shaking the table. He has been a party to a number of performances, features and projects, and his own catalog dates back to the mid-2010’s. Prior to the new single, Rab G dropped an EP, Clouds: Remastered, in August. 

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