Live Sessions | SoCal Surf-Jazz Duo The Mattson 2 Drenched in Reverb at Hotel Palms

Screengrab of the Mattson 2 performing at the Hotel Palms in April of '23 | Ryan Montez

In April, we welcomed the Mattson 2 to Hotel Palms in Atlantic Beach.

Over the course of the last decade, the San Diego based duo, made up of twin brothers Jonathan and Jared Mattson, have consistently displayed a kind of casual alchemy. The identical-twin brothers Jonathan (drums) and Jared (guitar, bass) Mattson pull on the threads of ‘60s Southern California sounds – the pyrotechnics of Dick Dale and the Deltones, Bud Shank and his L.A. jazz cohort–and the cosmic jazz of John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme.

And like Dick Dale, the Mattsons seem hellbent on proving that everything sounds better wet, drenching their live sets — as they did at the Hotel Palms — with reverb.

Despite the brothers affinity for coastal sounds and environs, they don’t make it to the Sunshine State often. Watch them perform two songs — the surfy instrumental “Black Rain” from 2011’s Feeling Hands and the experimental, EDM-inflected number “Monsters” from 2022’s Bohsheekwo — above and below.

Video Credits

Mix: Jack Mock

Cameras: Jordan Hoover, Ryan Montez

Editor: Jordan Hoover

Graphics: Rich Conner

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