Jax Band Rosewilder Unveils their Swan Song with Final Single, “Cherry Leaves and Razor Blades”

Rose Wilder has released a new (and their final) single | Courtesy of Bandcamp

“Cherry Leaves and Razor Blades,” the just-released track from Duval indie rockers Rose Wilder is also apparently their swan song and final release, and that reality can surely influence that experience of hearing the song.

In some ways the song is a less-gory transfusion of prime-era My Bloody Valentine, especially with the swirl of lead vocals, but with a decidedly heavier wallop of overdriven bass, kamikaze guitar and thwacking drums. “Cherry Leaves and Razor Blades” is post-shoegaze to the hilt, but has enough original qualities to take stride in its own direction. Clocking in at just under three minutes, “Cherry Leaves and Razor Blades” is sweet and to the point and a strong contender for maximum winter-moping playlists.

“Thanks for being there while it lasted Jacksonville,” the band wrote on Instagram, announcing the release of their final single. “Hope you dig it.” It’s a shame the band decided to call it quits, but at least they resigned on a fairly high and poignant note.

Stream or purchase Rose Wilder’s music on Bandcamp here.

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