Cory Driscoll and Tianna DiSalvo Duet on Eureka Springs’ Upbeat Ode to Friendship 

For the two duets of Eureka Springs' 'Two Duets,' Jax singer-songwriter Cory Driscoll is joined by Tianna DiSalvo (Patsy's Daydream), as well as trumpeter Robert Bidwell and guitarist Danny Strickland | Nicholas Lorini, courtesy of the artist

Taken from their new single Two Duets, Eureka Springs‘ “Great Friends” is a three-minute, light-and-breezy ride through the joys of companionship.

The brainchild of Cory Driscoll, this latest iteration of Eureka Springs finds the Jacksonville singer-songwriter accompanied by several local musicians, including Tianna DiSalvo (of Patsy’s Daydream) on guest vocals, trumpeter Robert Bidwell and guitarist Danny Strickland. The rolling, gentle approach of “Great Friends” has a vague glimmer of the naïve, protean-twee of Jonathan Richman, sans any eccentricities and a chord progression that points to chiffon-tinged doo-wop.

The implied credo of “Great Friends” seems to be “do no harm,” with Driscoll throttling any romantic inclinations down to first gear, instead opting for just-friends status. DiSalvo’s vocal counterpoint seems to agree albeit through a slower, minor-key section, while the band plays it minimal and straight, Bidwell’s trumpet underpinning the arrangement, and everyone goes home satisfied, unencumbered and, well, as friends. 

Listen to “Great Friends” via your preferred streaming service here.

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