The Latest from St. Augustine’s King Peach is a Tasty Throttling of Anthemic Postcore Rock


King Peach has shared a new single, “I Know.”

The St. Augustine indie-rock four piece’s debut full-length Found Dead was one pleasant surprise of 2023 (a year that wasn’t exactly bursting with pleasantness). Amongst other worthy delights, the crispy-crunch of “Let Us Not,” with its ungodly guitar hook that evoked J. Mascis blowing up display amps at Guitar Center, and earnest and romantic sincerity qualified that tune as a total bell-ringer.

With their new single, “I Know,” the band ramps up the BPMs with some impressive post-core throttle, while also downgrading into some clean reverb riffing and sun-surf vibes that are, well, inevitably indigenous to the beaches of Northeast Florida. Top-notch production, apparent unaffectedness, and obvious overall effort by all assembled players make King Peach a sweet rock group hanging out in the Oldest City.

Listen to “I Know” on your preferred streaming platform here.

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