RickoLus Is Homesick Away From Home in “New York” Video

In the visually striking music video for "New York," directed and edited by Curtis Wucker, rickoLus both is and is not in New York | Video still courtesy of the artist

Jacksonville singer-songwriter rickoLus, born Rick Colado, has shared the mesmerizing music video for his latest single “New York,” the first preview of his forthcoming album These Things Happen.

Released in early December, “New York” is a poignant, piano-forward first taste of the new record from rickoLus, coming March 1, 2024, on Colado’s own Vitamin Circus Records. Though named after the Big Apple, the nostalgic track was “born in Jacksonville, because it’s about a friend of mine who moved to New York City in ‘99,” Colado told the Jacksonville Music Experience upon its release. The two cities could hardly be more different, yet friendship connected them, and “New York” keys on that idea: that home is a matter of “who,” not “where.”

In the visually striking music video, directed and edited by Curtis Wucker, Colado both is and is not in New York. The city swirls all around him via artfully overlaid footage (directed and shot by Zach Henderson) and the simulated immersion of in-camera props and occasional simulated passersby, but a dejected-looking Colado stays still, seated under a spotlight in an otherwise empty warehouse. The clip captures so well, as does the track, what it’s like to feel alone in the most populous city on the planet.

As it happens, These Things Happen’s key location is not Jacksonville, nor New York City—it’s Athens, Georgia, the indie music mecca that inspired Colado to start singing and songwriting in the first place. It was there he first worked with renowned rock producer David Barbe (Drive-By Truckers, Son Volt), and it was there he made his sixth solo album under Barbe’s supervision, with a pack of Athens veterans (Brad Morgan and Jay Gonzalez of Drive-By Truckers, Ben Hackett of New Madrid) at his back.

You can watch the “New York” video above, stream the track here or download it at Colado’s Vitamin Circus Records website. You can preorder a physical copy of These Things Happen right here.

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