Here’s What Jacksonville Musicians Dream of Using to Make Music in the New Year

JME's Hurley Winkler asked local musicians about the gear they hope to acquire in order to bring new music to the airwaves in 2024 | Graphix by Bonnie Zerr

Ask any musician, and they’ll tell you: they always have a wish list. There’s always a new sound with which to tamper and a new toy with which to play. Looking ahead into 2024, here’s what local musicians dream of adding to their gear arsenals.

Angela Sitzler, synths for Glass Chapel

Death by Audio SE-1 Space Ensemble

Almost endless possibilities to get weird with vocals, and it allows you to use any guitar pedal on vocals as well. Plus it’s blacked out which I love. I think we could have a ton of fun with this lil guy!

Anna Lester, vocals and guitar for Bobby Kid

Taylor 114ce

My dad raised me to love Taylor guitars, but I’ve never had one of my own. I think owning this guitar would level up my songwriting and keep me from popping his strings when I tune his Taylor to weird open tunings. 

Ihlan Magloire, guitar for Coyboi

Linn Drum Machine and Marshall Plexi 

The Linn Drum is a perfect thing to blend human musicians and technology: it’s the drum machine that’s been used on so many classic recordings and functions great as a click track, but it allows the player to play to more than just a bpm, but a feeling. A cranked Marshall Plexi is the sound of rock and roll: you just turn it all the way up, and it gives you an opportunity to show yourself unapologetically. 

Glenn Michael Van Dyke, guitar and vocals for Kairos Creature Club


[A variac] a device that allows you to boost or sag voltage going to gear. Since analog circuits are a pipeline for voltage, you can carefully use a variac to get weird and desirable results from amps or guitar pedals.

Madison Hughes, guitar and vocals for Madison Hughes

Universal Apollo x4

I really want this interface for tracking more than one instrument at a time! I currently use the Apollo Solo for my home recordings and social media.

Jake Phillips, vocals and guitar for Glass Chapel

Boss RE-202

Delay is my favorite effect and this pedal is an amazing replica of a Roland Space Echo. Tape delay adds so much flavor to instruments and this one seems to be the best imitation.

Stacey Bennett, vocals and guitar for Folk is People

Boss ES-8 Effects Switching System

[A tool for an] uncoordinated vocalist and guitarist looking for a simpler way to manage pedal board sounds and switch in and out of multiple effects while performing.

Trent Holton, vocals and guitar for Ducats

60’s Mosrite Ventures Model (blue with duct-taped strap)

Never played one. Can’t afford one. Just wanna play like Ricky in “Private Idaho.”

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