Song of the Day | “Dog Days” by Dehd

Chicago trio Dehd's new album, 'Poetry,' is out now on Fat Possum | Jacob Consenstein, courtesy of the artist

While the band has been categorized with the vague catchall post punk, Dehd arguably shares more DNA with late-’80s garage-rock revivalists and fellow midwesterners, Detroit’s The Gories, a band that fused punk directness with an ad hoc approach to pop-vocal harmonizing and primitive drums (you won’t hear high hats on a Dehd record, and nary a crash). And just about two years since the release of their Fat Possum records debut, the well-received Blue Skies (which got heavy airplay on our music discovery station), the energetic Chicago trio is back with Poetry (out now), 14 melodious and rhythmically primal ditties.

Accompanied by a raucous honky-tonk-set music video by frequent collaborator Glam Hag, Poetry’s opening cut, “Dog Days,” is a prime example of the trio’s efficiency. “Ghostin’, coastin’, feelin’ free / Windows open, infinity,” sings guitarist Jason Balla, over punchy chords and furious fills from drummer Eric McGrady. It’s an anthem that’s both enjoyably superficial and deeply cathartic.

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