Song of the Day | “The Hardest Part” by Washed Out

Washed Out's new album 'Notes from a Quiet Life" is out June 28 on Sub Pop | Courtesy of the artist (cropped)

On “The Hardest Part,” a new single from a forthcoming full length, multi-disciplinary artist Ernest Greene, AKA Washed Out, displays his knack for whimsical soundscapes.

With a bubbly bassline and a rigid lead melody, it’s more pop-y and perhaps less ethereal than the music that made Washed Out ubiquitous in the mid-aughts (“Feel It All Around,” if you recall, was the theme song to the FX sketch comedy Portlandia, a pop-cultural touchstone for a generation now approaching middle age). But “The Hardest Part,” from Notes from a Quiet Life (due out June 28 on Sub Pop) shows Greene’s expansion as an artist and his willingness to diverge and experiment.

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