New Collab from Jax’s Bright Purpel and Culture School Brings a Positive Gradient to Their Soulful Palettes 

R&B/Soul/Hip-hop duo Bright Purpel teamed up with Culture School on the new track "Purpel" from Culture School's new album 'Nail Salon' | Bright Purpel press pic by Michael Rakim (@rakimism), Culture School from Bandcamp

A collaboration between Duval new-soul and hip-hop artists Bright Purpel and multi-instrumentalist and producer Culture School offers up a radiant glow.

The second track from Culture School’s new release Nail Salon, the three-and-a-half minutes of “Purpel” moves along courtesy of an unhurried chromatic keyboard riff, with Culture School (Quinn Spencer) and Bright Purpel (K.UTIE and Jeremy Ryan) trading off lyrics and rapid-fire rap-flow intent on coaxing a prospective future lover. The tune culminates in an EDM beat and an ecstatic, reverb-laden chorale.

Both artists are garnering increasing streaming hits and likes; and rightfully so. If there is a collective and respective goal of both Culture School and Bright Purpel to elevate and push forward the genres they operate in, mission accomplished.

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