Community Thread: The Opioid Epidemic

WJCT’s “Community Thread” invites the community to join in one big conversation about the topics affecting us most. Building on WJCT’s former “First Coast Forum” concept, “Community Thread” is a TV show and radio stories that respond directly to audience-submitted questions.

Each quarter, the public is invited to submit questions on a new topic by email to or on Twitter using the hashtag #WJCTThread. Members of the public are also invited to attend the “Community Thread” TV show taping and ask questions directly to a panel of experts.

Our news team will also sift through the questions and provide answers to many of them in radio stories, giving credit to the person who asked the question. This way, the conversation thread continues all year.

On Tuesday, May 10, WJCT’s “Community Thread” will discuss of a killer lurking on Northeast Florida street corners and in Northeast Florida country clubs. The number of heroin-related deaths on the First Coast has more than doubled in a year. Law enforcement is pledging to crack down on sellers, as they urge users to seek help for their powerful addiction. In “Community Thread: The Opioid Epidemic,” we’ll take a look at the factors drawing people toward the needle and the strategies our community is using to fight back. The program will air Thursday, May, 19, on WJCT Public Television.

Confirmed Panelists:

  • Mike Williams– Jacksonville Sheriff
  • Dr. Kelli Wells – Duval Health Department Director
  • Dr. Ray Pomm – Gateway Steps to Recovery
  • Dr. Amit Vijapura – Medical Director and Owner of Vijapura & Associates
  • Michael Cohen – Founder/CEO of Recovery Topics
  • Susan Pitman – Executive Director of Drug Free Duval
  • Kelly Corredor – Opioid-overdose Prevention Activist
  • Leon Smith – parent of a son who died of a heroin overdose

Lutheran Services
Florida Department of Children and Families
Florida Revival

What are your thoughts or questions about the opioid epidemic? Be part of our studio audience and share your voice!

  • All guests must arrive at 7:30 and must be seated by 7:45 or they will not be allowed into the studio.
  • Tickets are free, but space is limited.
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Tuesday, May 10, 2016
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm


WJCT Studios
100 Festival Park Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

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