First Coast Connect is an hour-long call-in program that features local newsmakers, civic and community leaders, artists and people planning a variety of events across Northeast Florida, along with a weekly roundtable of local journalists.

First Coast Connect is sponsored in part by Baptist Health and North Florida TPO. The First Coast Success segment is sponsored in part by First Horizon Bank.

WJCT Public Media has a new show just for you. What’s Health Got to Do with It? The short answer is... EVERYTHING. Whether it's Covid, finding the right doctor, or just getting help, join me, Dr. Joe Sirven, as we discuss all things health and healthcare. If you have a question, email us at Available wherever you get your podcasts.

What's Health Got to Do with It? is provided in part by the American Brain Foundation, the Epilepsy Foundation Florida and by Neurelis.

Untold Stories

Untold Stories is a captivating live oral storytelling series that offers a platform for Northeast Florida residents to share their unique and inspiring experiences with the world. From artists and tradespeople to shopkeepers and professors, everyone has a story to tell, and Untold Stories provides a space for these narratives to be heard. Join us as we explore the vibrant tapestry of life in Northeast Florida, one story at a time.

Untold Stories is produced live on stage by the Florida Theatre, and the radio show and podcast is produced by WJCT Public Media and the Florida Theatre. Barbara Colaciello is the artistic director. The 2022-2023 season of Untold Stories at the Florida Theatre is made possible in part through the generous support of the Wolfburg family.

Untold Stories is available on and wherever you get your podcasts.

Bygone Jax: Our Unsung History

Bygone Jax: Our Unsung History from WJCT Public Media tells some of the lesser known stories — or more accurate versions of the stories people think they know — about Jacksonville’s past. The show is powered by research from the people behind Florida State College at Jacksonville’s History of Jacksonville course, which launched in fall 2022. Bygone Jax: Our Unsung History is available on and wherever you get your podcasts.
Odd Ball is a story about a UFO investigation, a mansion in the woods and how one shiny object sent a Jacksonville, Florida family into hiding. Each week host Lindsey Kilbride dives deeper into the 1974 mystery of the "Betz sphere."

Odd Ball is sponsored in part by Bold Bean Coffee Roasters.
What It's Like is a WJCT podcast where people share just that: What it’s like to go through life-changing experiences. We're starting with some of the most compelling conversations the national story-archiving nonprofit StoryCorps recorded in Jacksonville and then diving deeper into the stories behind those conversations. Some people are still figuring things out. Others have come out the other side. All of them share what it’s like.
In the ADAPT podcast, host Brendan Rivers talks with six people who are working to help Northeast Florida adapt to sea level rise and climate change. Guests include Florida’s first-ever Chief Resilience Officer and an environmental psychologist who teaches people how to talk about climate change.

Financial support for ADAPT comes from our readers and listeners, with additional support from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations and the 2040 Foundation.
The VOIDCAST podcast is a musical journey through Northeast Florida. Hosted by Void Magazine Editor Matt Shaw, VOIDCAST cuts through the digital noise and subverts the algorithms taking listeners through the past and present with the help of local musicians, producers and the people who lived local music history. VOIDCAST, part of the WJCT Jacksonville Music Experience, is from Void Magazine and WJCT Public Media and is available on and wherever you get your podcasts.