Generation Listen


About WJCT’s Generation Listen

Generation Listen is an NPR initiative that connects public broadcasting with younger listeners who are curious about the world and passionate about creating a more informed public. Another goal of Generation Listen is to bring people that love great stories together.

WJCT is one of the first public broadcasting stations in the country to start a Generation Listen program. Keep up with Gen Listen at WJCT for opportunities to attend awesome events and make radio-loving friends from across the First Coast!

For more info or to be a part of awesome things to come, join our Facebook group (WJCT Gen Listeners) or send an email to

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Generation Listen Events 2016

  • Generation Listen & Jax Young Voters Coalition Present: Why Vote Jax
    – Friday, March 18th
    – WJCT Studios
  • Generation Listen & OneVoice Present: Intersecting at the Arts
    – Wednesday, May 18th
    – WJCT Studios
  • Generation Listen & Pratt Guys Present: Camp Listen
    – Friday, June 24th
    – Pratt Guys Outdoor Designs
  • Generation Listen & Stronger Than Stigma Present: Millennials and Mental Health
    – Wednesday, July 27th
    – WJCT Studios
  • Generation Listen, Jax Young Voters Coalition & The Elements of MOSH Present: Why Vote Jax 2
    – Friday, November 4th
    – MOSH Rooftop

Generation Listen Events 2017

  • Generation Listen & Timucuan Ecological & Historic Preserve Present: Under the Stars at Timucuan Preserve
    – Friday, March 3rd
    – Fort Caroline National Memorial
  • Generation Listen Presents: Speak Freely with Joshua Johnson, Host of 1A
    – Tuesday, July 25th
    – WJCT Studios
  • Generation Listen Presents: The Tell-Tale Halloween Party
    – Monday, October 30th, 7-9 p.m.
    – WJCT Studios

Coming soon: Information about upcoming WJCT Generation Listen events


Check out the NPR Generation Listen’s Listening Tour video and hear a little on what GenListen is all about.