The Sisters of St. Joseph: A Legacy of Faith

In 2016, the Sisters of St. Joseph will celebrate 150 years of apostolic ministry in the state of Florida. In celebration of this anniversary, WJCT is proud to present the incredible story of the role the Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Augustine played in the foundation and growth of the Roman Catholic Church in 19th century Florida and Georgia.

This one hour documentary will provide an oral history of the stories of the Catholic sisters from the time eight French nuns were brought to St. Augustine in 1866, for the purpose of educating liberated slaves, to today’s modern day involvement in community work.

Letters written by the pioneer nuns in French to their families describing their journey by ship to Florida and the trials and tribulations they experienced once they set foot on dry land will provide an intriguing chronological path of the 142 years of the Sisters of St. Joseph’s service to people of all colors and religions.

These letters plus correspondence between bishops and mother superiors of the sisters provide a dramatic and informative history of life in the world, and in particular in the St. Augustine area as it pertains to travel, living conditions, prejudices and the determination and will of the women to spread the word of God to people of all races.

“I would like to see if we can possibly begin a few oral history shoots to get Sister Thomas Joseph and others recorded. I believe time is precious.” Rich Conner, Producer/Director, WJCT

Sisters of St. Joseph…Beyond the Call, tells the history of not only the St. Augustine Sisters of St. Joseph, but it also parallels the history of Florida in the late 1800s and beyond. It is a tribute to the hundreds of women who have worn the habit and dedicated their lives to serving God through their service to mankind.

The Friends of the Sisters of St. Joseph invite you to be a sponsor of the WJCT production, Sisters of St. Joseph… Beyond the Call, allowing the incredible story of the role the sisters played in the history of St. Augustine to be seen by the First Coast area and statewide.

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