WJCT’s Jacksonville Music Experience Presents “Imagine: A John Lennon Tribute,” October 8-11

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WJCT’s Jacksonville Music Experience Presents “Imagine: A John Lennon Tribute,” October 8-11

Programming inspired by John Lennon’s 80th birthday will air across WJCT’s broadcast and digital platforms

Oct. 1, 2020 — Jacksonville, Fla. — WJCT today announced plans to commemorate John Lennon’s 80th birthday through “Imagine: A John Lennon Tribute” sponsored in part by Tom Bush Volkswagen from October 8 – 11, 2020. This four-day musical journey, presented on the Jacksonville Music Experience (JME), will feature broadcast and digital programming that celebrates the legendary music icon’s contributions to the world, including local artists’ interpretations of Lennon classics in virtual Studio 5 Sessions online.

“Imagine: A John Lennon Tribute” will be presented on the Anthology station, which is available on the WJCT app, 89.9 FM HD3, on wjct.org/jaxmusic, and on WJCT-TV.

“John Lennon’s unrivaled musical brilliance continues to inspire generations of artists and music fans, 80 years after his birth and nearly 40 years after his life was cut tragically short,” said David Luckin, Music Director of WJCT. “We developed the idea for ‘Imagine: A John Lennon Tribute’ as a way to create unity around John’s enduring legacy — one of peace, kindness and love.”

Luckin has curated a lineup of recordings that span across Lennon’s diverse and influential body of work. Highlights include: 

• 75+ John Lennon and Plastic Ono Band recordings: From Lennon’s first Plastic Ono Band solo effort to his final recordings for “Double Fantasy”, listeners can anticipate songs like “Mother,” “God,” “(Just Like) Starting Over” and “Imagine.”

• 165 Beatles master recordings, including 150+ in original MONO: All of the original master recordings, from “I Want To Hold Your Hand” to “The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill,” will be presented in their original and preferred MONO versions. Recordings from “Abbey Road,” “Yellow Submarine” and “Let It Be” will be presented in their stereo versions.

• 50+ of the best Beatles covers by artists such as Aretha Franklin, Melody Gardot, Ray Charles, Jack Johnson, Joe Cocker, Duke Ellington, Elvis Presley, Amy Winehouse, Jaco Pastorius and James Taylor, offering their personal interpretations of beloved songs by John Lennon and The Beatles.

• Rare live recordings and interview excerpts from early-career appearances by The Beatles on stage, radio and television.

• Rare alternate takes of familiar songs, with false starts and count-ins.

• Special Studio 5 Sessions featuring local musicians performing covers by The Beatles and John Lennon. Local artists include the Willowwacks, Madi Carr and Arvid Smith. Available on the JME website at wjct/jaxmusic.org and on WJCT Passport (TV).

• Special editions of Anthology’s Turntable Tuesday series, starting on 
  Tuesday, October 6 and extending through Sunday, October 11:

TUESDAY 8pm Revolver  (MONO VINYL)

FRIDAY 8pm Double Fantasy (STEREO VINYL)

SATURDAY 8pm Classic Albums: John Lennon-Plastic Ono Band


Listen on the WJCT APP, 89.9 HD3, and wjct.org/jaxmusic

• Featured Programming on WJCT-TV, kicking off on Thursday, October 8  and extending through Sunday, October 11:

THURSDAY 8pm  Classic Albums: John Lennon-Plastic Ono Band 

FRIDAY 9pm  American Masters: Lennon NYC  

Programming will air on WJCT-TV 7.1 & Comcast 440 View WJCT-TV schedule here.

SATURDAY 7pm  American Masters: Lennon NYC 

SATURDAY 9pm  Classic Albums: John Lennon-Plastic Ono Band 

Programming will air on WJCT-TV 7.4 & Comcast 212  View WJCT-TV schedule here.

The full schedule of “Imagine: A John Lennon Tribute,” is available at jaxmusic.org/imagine.


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