“Bathe” by Viktor Lazarev


Artist: Viktor Lazarev

Genre: Painting

Bio: Thank you all for stopping by my page. I have lived in America since 1994 and was born in the former USSR (Kazakhstan). I have a civil engineering diploma. I love my wife and kids, “mother NATURE”, and all God’s creations. I believe, there is a “part of God” in each of us (humans, regardless of races and religions). I love my “home, sweet home” and the state where I live (JAX,FLA,USA).

I do not like to talk too much, especially about myself. “Silence” is beautiful, safe, and good (Feodor Dostoevsky said so, he sure was right! “Golden silence”). This is another reason for being in the “visual arts” field.

To say something very short about my art, there is a little piece of my soul in every painting I’ve made. Thank you all. With Love ,Vic

Piece: Bathe

Piece Description: Acrilic,18″x24″x .5″
Reflection on a scene from my past back to a time when I was a student of st.Petersburg Forest Technical Academy(1975-1980) and rented a room in poor “communalka” apartment. Inspired by Degas,Picasso,Gouguin,VanGogh

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