“entropy” by Michelle Acker

by Michelle Acker

I am made of poetry as
much as polypeptide chains.
nothing is exclusive here–not
mutually–we are all same and
different, products of mutation,
language, carbon, impulse, art–

poetry claws through my veins
and screeches in my throat, or else,
when quieter, breathes down my neck,
draws my attention to a folding shirt,
the temperature of every wind,
the heat death of the universe.

cycles in cycles in cycles your body
is an ecosystem part of an ecosystem the
universe is lifeless but not dead

your sister is a star is a virus an electron
is a caterpillar and you are a


Artist: Michelle Acker

Genre: Poetry

Bio: I’m a 20-year-old English major at UNF. I’ve lived in Jacksonville since I was four and started writing poetry not too long after that.

Piece: entropy

Piece Description: “entropy” is an exploration of the ways in which the arts and the sciences intersect.