“The Come Back” – Henri Papineau

THE Comeback
A Poem by Henri Papineau

     Only if you knew…
          How many comebacks I could throw at you.

Backed up in my memory…
     I think of which one…

     The one [comeback] for this special occasion?
          It can be done…
               Even though the words you say, make me want to run away.

For I will not feed your hunger, to address your sting of voice this day.

The End


Artist: Henri Papineau

Genre: Poetry

Bio: Henri Papineau is a storyteller, writer of poetry and short works. His acute awareness of earthly beauty, human spirit and the perplexing daily changes and choices people face, Henri writes about the conglomerate. He weaves his stories, born of familiar feelings, with innocence and truth. Henri Papineau is Ten Years Old.
I enjoyed playing music as a solo artist for over 10 years while living in N. Ga. Love working with a group, creating Soul Rock, Soul Blues.

Piece: The Come Back

Piece Description: A poem of helplessness, power, choice and freedom.