“Yacht Basin Park Gazebo Mosaic” – Kate Garcia Rouh

Quarter 1: 3rd Place Winner – Kate Rouh
Local artist and 3rd Place Winner of The Square, Kate Rouh, talks about her mosaic project at Yacht Basin Park.

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Artist: Kate Garcia Rouh

Genre: Sculpture

Bio: Kate Garcia Rouh has been an artist in Jacksonville over 30 years, a Duval County Public School teacher for almost 20 years and currently the Art Resource teacher at West Riverside Elementary School. She believes that successful art should make a connection and produce a meaningful response – in creators as well as viewers. Her current passion is Public Mosaic Art – a perfect connective medium.

Piece: Yacht Basin Park Gazebo Mosaic

Piece Description: Complete interior coverage of Yacht Basin Park gazebo, reflecting local flora & fauna in mosaic.

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