“Curry Love” by Nancy Murrey-Settle

Curry Love
by Nancy Murrey-Settle

Medallions of zucchini stare up at me.
Red strips of peppers lounge on a bed of jasmine rice.
A saucy coconut milk whispers promises of satisfaction.
I could be in love.
A citrus sun rises over my plate as lemongrass tangos with lime.
The flirtatious Thai basil that spent all summer in the backyard
seducing the Japanese eggplant
goes wild and dishes his earthiness to all the vegetables.
He bumps and grinds indiscriminately
with mushrooms, onions, even the chicken.
Arrogantly, he leaves the eggplant
weeping and limp.
Leave it to the hairy fish sauce
and the authoritative Sriracha
to promptly and hotly
bring everyone together for the feast.
I spoon closely and carefully,
I am in love.


Artist: Nancy Murrey-Settle

Genre: Poetry

Bio: Nancy Murrey-Settle is an educator/librarian by profession and a writer by avocation. Formerly, she has written for radio as a journalist at a community radio station in Tampa (WMNF) and as a freelancer for WBEZ in Chicago. She has written short stories and poetry for years as a way to stay sane and discover the meaning of life.

Piece: Curry Love

Piece Description: Good food, words, and love.
What could be better?