“That Lady Friend of Mine” by Nadia Della Penta

That Lady Friend of Mine
by Nadia Della Penta

A compliment you gave her on a watch, a scarf
“Here take it, it’s yours. Glad you like it”
Out stretched hand and sunshine bright smile
“How are you? Your husband, your child?”
Genuine concern, right from her heart
Never a word to criticize
For each and every one a good trait she’d find
Never a complaint her lips would utter
Never a pain to share…she was always fine
Loyal through the years…unto the end
To husband, family and friends
Generosity, she carried as her middle name
For every good cause you pleaded
A few dollars she would find
Especially with children she was very kind
Where you lucky enough to share in
The aura that surrounded her so bright?
Every smile, every blonde head I’ll see
Every hair bun on a head a memory will bring
Of a fine and true lady, a good friend of mine


Artist: Nadia Della Penta

Genre: Poetry

Bio: I have lived in many places, Europe, Canada and in different States. Now my husband and I lve in Jacksvonville. In my travels I have met and befriended many people but one always stays in my mind and heart as a special person; who thought me to see the good in everyone I meet.

Piece: That Lady Friend of Mine

Piece Description: Rita’s blond bun sat on top of her head. Sun shined every time she came. In memory I wrote.

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