“The Water’s Edge” by Kimberly Carter

The Water’s Edge
by Kimberly Carter

Measure not your worth by wealth or fame. Life’s accomplishments
are like footsteps in the sand. Even the deepest impression is destined
to succumb to the inevitable tide. Shells of creativity, achievement and
enlightenment tumble at your feet, waiting to be discovered. These
treasured gifts from God are not intended to be horded. They are
moments of clarity, collected by dreamers, poets and educators
intended to inspire the next generation.

Sink your feet into the sand and embrace lessons found at the water’s
edge. Collect the shells of your journey. Open your eyes to the beauty
of the creative process, by putting paint to canvas, pen to paper or
voice to melody. Innovate what you will, learn all you can and share all
you discover with the next generation.


Artist: Kimberly Carter

Genre: Poetry

Bio: Kimberly L. Carter earned her BFA from FSU. Commercial assignments include children’s books and illustrations for the television special “Hurricane At The Zoo.”, hosted by Betty White. Mrs. Carter teaches art for Duval Public Schools. She credits her unique diversity and experimental style of illustration to her work with children.

Piece: The Water’s Edge

Piece Description: It is the responsibility of all creative individuals to share their journey.