“Color Wheel” by Dennis Negrin

Color Wheel
by Dennis Negrin

I.) Blue

Here’s to the lady in the mint blue veil
that hangs loosely and to the right
Just left of 19th century eroticism
The bourbon lady!
The perennial conservative!
a slightly aged fantasy.
polka dots
She walks like something forever new.
Always fresh like paint
tasting like fruit
looking like that special vintage wine
in a bottle never
to be opened.

II.) Green

Green are the eyes
of the Emerald Lady
without wrinkles or age
nor the slightest fear
of death.

She who owes no debt
knows nothing of wealth
and in another age
would be a paper man

For her we dry the ink
set the type and
finish our meal
in haste.
She gets too hungry
for dinner at eight.

III.) Red

Cheers to the lady in red!
whose fingers find their way
like thin vanilla wafers
dipped lightly in a glass of port

Born of exquisite taste,
with impeccable wit;
She hurries on quickly
past the girl in the corner.

Lips that never tremble
and eyes that tell the truth
with hair all-a-tangle
stretching up, up and higher still
catching pilots in their dare.

For her there are no thrills.
The world is simply
Mollusk after mollusk,
and she is the pearl.

IV.) Black

A toast for the lady of the page
a wrecked and ravaged fantasy
we hold closest to our hearts.

For her we pine late at night
and listen to stories with
eyes wide open, attention rapt.
A light unto darkness
She lies perfectly
in-between Time.

Free like no other
No chains or faulty motives
whose form & substance
string together a most vivid
and telling composition.

V.) Light

Cheers to the firefly!
A light that will not diminish, fade or die
This Lady is known
to the depths
of the sea
in many tongues, in many lands
“Vive! l’idéal!”

A kiss! A kiss! What more to believe?

Her eyes, they close
for more than a fleeting second
and defy the protests
of the impossible.

She is our wake-up
Getaway driver.


Artist: Dennis Negrin

Genre: Poetry

Bio: UNF graduate with degrees in trumpet performance & business. I’ve always loved to write as a form of self expression and cheaper than by the hour therapy! I’ve kept a journal since 2002 and it has become my lifeline on more than a few occasions. Most of my writing begins as journal entries and then evolve into more polished works.

Piece: Color Wheel

Piece Description: Colors, people, perception and a little bit of angsty romantic idealism! Enjoy!

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