“Yanesha Mask” by Jean Lijoi

2015 Collection 3: 3rd Place Winner – Jean Lioji
Jacksonville beach artist and 3rd Place Winner of The Square,Jean Lijoi, gives us a tour of her home studio where she creates works inspired by her artist residencies.

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Artist: Jean Lijoi

Genre: Painting

Bio: My work is representational, figurative and emotionally charged my images speak of life and relationships encountered. Works of social commentaries and cultural attitudes. Much like life all my art is juxtaposition of colors, textures, thoughts, and movements among an array of forces in opposition finding and blending its own rhythm and flow. I am a multi disciplined artist.

Piece: Yanesha Mask

Piece Description: 31×13 OIL canvas. Inspired by Yanesha Inca native art at residency in the high jungle of Peru.

Jean Lijoi – Facebook
Jean Lijoi – YouTube