“Letter to My Father” by Alfred Johnson III

Letter to My Father
by Alfred Johnson III

No effort was contributed on your end to establish our bond
You missed being the first to hold me in your arms
Never thanked God for blessing you with your one and only son
Never got to experience the poignant moment of me crawling in between you and my mom
Regardless, you’ll be always be in my heart, though it seems we are worlds apart
Never told me how proud you were that I share your name and someday, this will be my claim to fame
My achievements and accomplishments, never could acknowledge the height and weight
Never affirmed me as your namesake or the keepsake that no one can take

Always felt your likeness in me was nonexistent
Felt a sense of great contentment about our considerable distance
You were the hero, saving scores of innocents, except for the one who truly mattered most
Your approval, impossible to earn, I know it wasn’t your entire fault
I was able to discern this sort of withhold, is indeed learned
Always felt the idea of one expressing themselves was comical
I still have hope one day you’ll look me in my eyes, and say son you are phenomenal

Maybe I wasn’t the son you wanted to raise
Perhaps doing so wouldn’t garner any applause or praise
Now you have three beautiful daughters, so overcome by joy to display
Your new family put the most beaming smile across your face
It’s no surprise I gave my all and still came in second in this race
My umbrella allows me to weather this storm with such grace
Coming through it, practically unfazed, unscathed
I am the true firstborn, that’s a fact you can never erase

Not a proponent of sympathy or emotional release
Failed to make sure the path laid out in front was clear of debris
No father figure never could measure up
Circumstances appointed you the man responsible for filling this cup
Not having access to me, I assumed you’d be unbelievably hurt
Still remember your authoritative voice, a mere projection could shake the earth

This is a cry from your broken son
Baring my soul like no other
The man I am now said not to bother
However, the little boy within demanded, I pen this letter to you my father


Artist: Alfred Johnson III

Genre: Poetry

Bio: A highly intelligent and creative black male, a prolific idea generator, who loves to write and channel his emotions on the page.

Piece: Letter to My Father

Piece Description: A poignant account of a young man’s feelings about the relationship his father…

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