“Old Things” by Charlotte Kolb

Old Things
by Charlotte Kolb

I love old things, old pots, old shoes, old houses.
The stories they might tell get my heart to thumping, giving my imagination a road to follow.
Who loved it then threw it away for the new?
Somebody’s hands were here before me. Somebody’s life happened under my feet.
I try to hear the voices telling their own stories.
I can never know how that large dent got in that pot—
slammed in anger over a lost job, a woman hating to cook one more meal,
a child marching to a pot drum too happily?
The things stay, we leave them to people like me.


Artist: Charlotte Kolb

Genre: Poetry

Bio: Native Floridian, raised in the country, wife, mother of 3 sons and 2 daughters, retired nurse and lover of Words.

Piece: Old Things

Piece Description: Thoughts about an old pot I brought home.

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