“Everybody In” by Marjorie Price


Artist:Marjorie Price

Genre: Painting

Bio: I grew up in Evanston, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. A painter all my life, I have worked in all mediums; the style of my painting has moved between abstract and representational. In 2014, I moved to Atlantic Beach where I continue to work as a writer and painter.

Piece: Everybody In (from the Bathers Series)
38×54 inches – Acrylic

Piece Description: The Bathers series is inspired by my years as a synchronized swimmer and my love of water. Figures in the series––mostly women––are each absorbed in their own, tranquil universe. But in “Everybody In,” the introduction of men swimmers changes the dynamics; figures interact with each other; an energetic, playful exuberance replaces the serenity. The various skin tones in “Everybody In” underline the theme of inclusion.

The Bathers series expresses how the body feels and moves in another element. Released from the pull of gravity, one feels a sense of freedom, joy and abandon. The sea is never the same; The Bathers series explores its endlessly changing mood.

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